Different Bird House Materials

When you are looking at buying a bird house, one of the options that you have is the type of material that the bird house is made out of. There are generally three different materials that bird houses are made out of, which are wood, metal, and plastic. Each material will have it’s strengths and weaknesses compared to each other.

The first material that I will talk about is bird houses for sale that are made out of wood. Wooden bird houses have a dominant hold on the bird house market right now. Wooden bird houses can come in many different shapes and sizes, and most “themed” or decorative bird houses are made out of wood. The strengths of a wooden bird house are: it is easy to build, it is cheaper than metal bird houses, it can be painted any color you want, and you can mount the bird house of a rope or post very easily. The weakness of a wooden bird house is deterioration over time. The paint and wood will start to wear after a few years of being out in the rain and sunlight.

The second material that bird houses can be made out of is metal. Metal bird houses are generally not as popular as wooden bird houses for sale, but there are still people who buy them. The strengths of a metal bird house are: it will last for years, it is strong, and it can come in many different colors. A metal bird house will last longer than a wooden bird house because metal will not deteriorate and crack like a wooden bird house will. The weaknesses of metal bird houses are: it can get hot in the summer time, and it is heavy. If you plan on hanging a wooden bird house, then make sure that the structure that you are hanging it from is sturdy enough to hold it up without falling to the floor.

The next material that bird houses can be made out of is plastic. They will usually come in only white in color. Plastic bird houses are generally Victorian bird houses because they are white in color too. The strength of a plastic bird house is only that it is lightweight. It’s weaknesses are: it is fragile and will crack or break if dropped, and the sun will fade the white color and turn it a yellowish tint. I would usually not recommend buying a plastic bird house because the wind can knock them over and then they will crack. I feel that the weaknesses far outweigh the strengths of a plastic bird house. I would recommend buying a wooden bird house out of all of the materials that you can choose from.


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